Skyscanner recommend to visit in Puglia the «white cities»

Skyscanner puts the spotlight on Puglia, citing in one of its articles the «white cities» of the Itria Valley among the most beautiful and characteristic of Italy. So there’s not only the beautiful sea to visit in Puglia, but also fabulous villages during every season.

Villa Tonia will give you the chance to visit the white towns around Fasano, such as Ostuni and Locorotondo, about 10 km from the bed and breakfast, respectively ranked first and second in the Skyscanner ranking.

Ostuni is the white city par excellence. The historic center consists of houses entirely made of white washed lime stone. Walking through the picturesque and peculiar alleys, kissed by the sun, you will encounter shops and restaurants of all kinds. In the summer, in the evening, the nightclubs and pubs of the historic center are literally taken care of.

Locorotondo is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy and looks like an airy gallery overlooking the Itria Valley, with its alluring circular shape visible from the road to Martina Franca. Its white historic center boasts balconies decorated with flowers and plants. The quite is ever present and walking lost among these historic stone arches is an almost cathartic experience.

Skyscanner also quotes Cisternino writing: “it was labelled as a masterpiece of 
architecture without architects by the Japanese architect Hidenobu Jinnai”.

Here too, 
getting lost in the white alleys is a rare pleasure, as it allows you to discover unexplored and mysterious corners.

In the Itria Valley there are also Martina Franca and Ceglie Messapica, town worth a visit if you pass through Fasano. Martina Franca effortlessly combines its baroque palaces, the rococo basilica with the peculiar white lanes, so characteristic for the area. In Ceglie Messapica the white lime was used to give light to the narrow streets of the historic center.

Here, we recommend a visit to the historic center and the Swabian Castle and a stop in one of the many trattorias.
Have we convinced you to visit Puglia? And, obviously, the cherry on top of your vacation is to stay in our bed and breakfast 2 kilometers from the sea, with a private swimming pool, a pine forest for your daily relaxation and a home made breakfast with local products. We are waiting for you at Villa Tonia!