What to eat in Fasano

There are at least five things that you should taste if you are in Fasano. These are traditional Apulian products, the recipes of which have been handed down by our grandmothers and that every tourist who tries them will keep their flavors forever in his heart.

Everyone returning home and remembering their holidays in Fasano, at Villa Tonia, will be able to savor those aromas and flavors that we are proud to show to our guests.

The five dishes to eat in Fasano

Generally speaking, thinking about food in Puglia, what immediately comes to mind are orecchiette, fish and focaccia. So what are the five typical dishes and products you should not miss to try if you come on holidays to Fasano and its surroundings?

Raw sea food on the rocky cliffs at Savelletri
Villa Tonia is just two kilometers from the sea of Savelletri di Fasano. On the road
along the coast between Savelletri and Torre Canne, as in all the restaurants in the area, you should ask as an starter raw seafood and, in particular, delicious sea urchins with a piece of homemade bread. In order to respect their reproductive cycles, sea urchins are traditionally served in the months with the R. So, especially guests who visit us in April and September will get the chance to taste them. We can guarantee you, that not only sea urchins are a reason to visit us off-season, as you will also avoid soaring prices in August.

Homemade focaccia and panzerotti

We wish you, during your stay, to meet some Apulian family who will be happy to host you for dinner and teach you how to prepare focaccia and fried panzerotti to be savored together. However, you can also taste good focaccia and panzerotti in the numerous bakeries in Fasano. We will help you!

Homemade orecchiette with cime di rapa

This is a traditional dish typically prepared during the winter months. There are those who add anchovies, some toasted bread, some tomatoes seared in oil, but it always retains its typical Mediterranean flavor. During summer, on the other hand, you can enjoy homemade and whole wheat orecchiette with fresh tomatoes, basil and grated local cacioricotta.

Broad beans and chicory

You will find restaurants that serve you beans and chicory even as an appetizer. It is, however, a very nutritious dish and gives you the chance to also appreciate our precious extra virgin olive oil as this dish is served with croutons and our oil.

Frise with cherry tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil

Fasano is dotted with olive groves and you will be able to first take in its landscapes and then to taste the fruit of the work of our farms and mills in all of our traditional dishes. For a genuine snack by the pool at Villa Tonia, we recommend frise with cherry tomatoes, oregano or basil, and a few drops of olive oil.
The kitchen, available to our guests at Villa Tonia, will allow you to prepare delicious Apulian snacks at any time of the day, should you decide to savor mozzarella and local cheeses, fresh or seasoned. Villa Tonia will direct you to the best dairies and bakeries in the area for your purchases, in order for you to continue dwelling gastronomically in Puglia upon your return home.

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